2 pairs of Ortleib Front Roller Classics.
2 pairs of Ortlieb Back Roller Classics.
2 Ultimate 5 Bar Bags.
2 Medium sized Ortlieb duffel bags.
2 Fi'zi:k saddle bags, which were much smaller than expected.

2 Abus Granit X D Locks (Heavy and perhaps overkill, but they make us feel a bit better!), 2 Abus cables and 2 wire cables made by Boats 'n' Bits in Norwich for securing the panniers.

4 Schwalbe Marathon EX tires to swap for the Panaracer Pasela tourguards when the going gets rougher.
Oil service kits for the Rohloff hubs and Rohloff specific spokes.
Several sets of Swiss BlueTop brake blocks for the CSS rims (may have gone a bit mad with the quantity but better to be safe!)
Various Gear and Brake cables. Gear cables are standard size for the Rohloff EX, although are somewhat of a challenge to change; as I have already learned.
Spare KMC chains and extra 'quick links'.
Spokes for the front wheel.
Grease and chain oil, plus some proof hide for the Brooks saddles.
Top and bottom bearings for Orbit XLII Headsets.

Selection of Quality Hex Keys.
M-Part spoke Key.
Shimano crank extractor.
Bottom Bracket Tool.
Rohloff cassette tool.
Park mini tool.
Torx Screwdriver.
Adjustable spanner.
Pedal spanner.
Chain whip.
Park chain tool.
Brooks saddle spanner.
Thorn eccentric tool.
Leatherman Wave. Lost in Sudan at the Meroe pyramids.

Camping Equipment:
Hilleberg Nallo 3 GT tent. Expensive, but the extra space and low weight will more than make up for it. Has the worst, most unreliable zips I have encountered in a tent. We had the zips repaired when we returned home and they promptly lasted 5 days. Have now fixed them myself with some cheap sliders from a needle craft shop. Keeping our fingers crossed on their longevity!
Hillberg footprint for above.
2 Thermarest prolite 4, sleep mats.
2 Mountain Equipment Dreamcatcher, down sleeping bags.
2 Silk sleeping bag liners.
2 Thermarest pillows.
Primus Omnifuel stove and two fuel bottles.
MSR Alpine, 2 Pot cookware set. It took one week for the non stick to come off the small pan, I am not impressed! Will email MSR on my return!
MSR Miniworks EX water filter. Very rarely used, jams up if used on sandy water. 
Frying pan.
Sporks. Sadly no more, they all broke!
Ortlieb folding bowl.
Petzl head torches.
Ipood. Not a spelling mistake!
Life Venture Mosquito nets.
Playing cards.
Travel backgammon.

Electronic Equipment & Accessories:
2 Ipod Nanos: One stolen in South Africa and replaced by a Ipod shuffle. The new Nano is too fancy!
Samsung Netbook: Still going strong.
2 Mobile phones, one fitted with a Global sim card. The other will be used for local sims as we go along. One phone lost on a very bad day in Istanbul, Turkey. 
Panasonic Lumix TZ9 compact camera.
Nikon D300, will probably live to regret its bulk, but wouldn't leave home without it.
18-200mm lens and 50mm lens for above. The 300mm lens stayed at home which I am quite sad about. 
2 Amazon Kindles: Possibly the greatest travelling invention ever. The end of carrying heavy books and rubbishy hostel book swaps.

First Aid Kit:
Doxycycline tablets for when we get to malarial areas (Have taken before with no ill effects).
Loperamides for an upset stomach.
Senokot to counteract the loperamides!
Rehydration sachets.
Various standard pain killers.
Antiseptic spray/cream/wipes.
Travel sickness tablets, because Debbie gets sick on anything that moves!
Sterile kit.
Various plasters, gauze, bandages and tape.
Eye drops for Debs. Dry eyes one of the side effects of Laser eye surgery, the other is being able to see!
Ear drops.
Sun cream.
Mosquito spray some DEET based, the other Picaridin based.
Tiger Balm.

After all the above items NOT VERY MANY!!!